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Blueprint Communications is a public relations firm near Washington, D.C. focused on helping clients achieve their strategic communications objectives.

Any communications effort should present a number of important questions:  What exactly are we seeking to accomplish? What is the message?  What is the tone?  Who is our best spokesperson?  What media tactics serve us best?  What is the role of social media or advertising?

What differentiates Blueprint Communications from many public affairs firm is our approach.  We are not only strategists seeking to ask ‘big picture’ questions;  we also are implementers who get down in the weeds to get the work done.

We work closely with our clients to develop a plan, and then work tirelessly to execute it.  This is why many of our clients have retained us for years.

Our services include:


Strategic Communications Campaigns

These are prolonged campaigns frequently centered on public policy objectives.  At Blueprint Communications, we begin the strategic planning process by defining objectives and the strategies needed to achieve them. We work to identify key audiences such as policymakers, opinion leaders and the general public and develop the messages that will resonate with them.  We then create the tactics necessary to successfully deliver those messages. Finally we undertake the most important phase of the campaign: its successful execution.


Media Relations

Whether it’s responding to a press inquiry or picking up the phone to pitch a story idea, experience is critical.  We have decades of experience in working with reporters across the country and around the world and understand that media relations at its best is a two-way street.  At Blueprint Communications, we work with our clients to identify ways they can be helpful to reporters, become useful sources, and get their messages to key audiences through the media.


Crisis Communications

There are times when bad media coverage seems inevitable either as an isolated story or a stream of negative coverage.  We work with our clients to anticipate potential crises and prepare, limit the damage when a crisis hits, and put their best foot forward on a path out of trouble. Our professionals have been through negative news cycles as part of political campaigns and in the private sector at the highest levels.  We are steady hands who move quickly and effectively to guide the process and work through challenging times.


Litigation Communications

The potential damage caused by lawsuits is not just limited to finances, they can also hurt a company or trade group’s reputation. At Blueprint Communications, we work closely and seamlessly with clients and their legal teams in crafting strategies and messages that can be employed and shared outside the courtroom. We have helped some of America’s leading companies navigate the media landscape during challenging times.



Inside the government and in the private sector, Blueprint Communications has written powerful speeches for top executives.  We work closely with our clients to capture their unique voice, understand the venue and their audience, and put together a speech that will resonate with the audience.


Media Training

Blueprint Communications professionals have provided executive-level media training to business  and government leaders both nationally and internationally.  We rely on proven strategies and effective tips to ensure a person can present themselves positively in television, radio and print engagements.


Social Media

Social media has dramatically altered how information is shared, constituencies are motivated and organized, and elite opinion is shaped. At Blueprint Communications, we help our clients asses how social media can serve as a pathway or barrier to achieving their objectives. We consider what their strengths and weaknesses are and how a social media component can add the most value to their overall strategic communications effort.


Comprehensive Advocacy Services

At Blueprint Communications we focus on our core offering of strategic communications services. However, a truly comprehensive effort often requires other complimentary services such as subject matter expertise, opinion research, advertising, grassroots organization, and lobbying. Blueprint Communications draws on a vast network of experienced and award-winning partners to provide those additional capabilities as needed.



Blueprint Communications award-winning advertising creatively delivers our clients refined messaging through targeted mediums to reach their optimal audience. Our advertising is strategic, on-point and memorable and designed to illicit emotion and inspire action.


Digital / Interactive

Getting noticed on the internet takes an understanding of the technology and more importantly and understanding of your target audience and how they consume information. At Blueprint, strategic thinking is in our DNA and getting noticed is what we do. Employing the latest techniques and data models we define your audience and develop the right creative to produce new advocates.


Creative Development

To stay relevant to your audience in an overcrowded information network your content needs to be creative and memorable. Let us help you expand your brand through development of videos, social media content, infographics and other specialized creative collateral.